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We don't advertise at all, we rely on word of mouth for new member acquisition. Here is how you can...
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Highmistress: Looking for stupid subs and pay piggies to try and please ne with their money. If im not happy, you will pay for that too.
ZoeJones: Looking for piggies who wantshould to make this moma happy
Isis-Amaterasu: Looking for subs, human ATM who wants to spoil my needs and desire. So work for me slave!
Goddess: Looking for someone to abuse in exchange for their very last penny. I'm very brutal, so if you can't handle being tortured, stay out of my sight.
goddesshann: Just an overly dominant woman looking for someone to abuse~
Star1986: Looking for someone to abuse and in exchange I will take every last penny, annoy me and I will take it all!!
RosieGold: I'm a findomme ready to control your finances, free time, and thoughts. Beg to be my pig like the worthless piece of shit you are.
hbicgoddesst: Any subs in NY/NJ/CT interested in a spur of the moment cashmeet today in Manhattan? If you're interested in submitting yourself to me and letting me rinse your wallet MESSAGE ME for further details . Make sure to mention in the message your limits
Princess_Ally: I'm here to let you get pleasure from pleasing me. Cater to my needs and I may just give you what you've been begging for. Message me so I can put you to work
YourRainbowGoddess: I do not want your money, I want your submission to me.
tieriles: Looking for new dom :)
TheBlissOfPain: Looking for female dom or switch.
MidnightPrincess: DOMinican Princess looking for a pet. I need to be worshipped just like you need me to dominate you!!
MissFreeman1: looking for piggies to get pleasure out or TRYING to please me financially
Controller: I am the Queen Goddess. I am your ruler and you will do as I say peasant
Controller: where are all the REAL piggies, and subs ready to please me!?
Cottoncandikisses: Let me teach you what real humiliation is, you want me to dominate you. Send me a message little piggy and so I can abuse you in the worse way, here little piggy I want to ruin you and your wallet
Cottoncandikisses: Cater to my needs and I will give you all of what you are begging for, message me so I can put you to work
Cottoncandikisses: If you are looking for a dominant mistress that will humiliate you and ruin your wallet then message me now
Controller: I can tell you pathetic piggies aren't ready for some abuse
Controller: worship me let me take over your life.
Controller: message me with your fetishes
GoddesssAngel: Your purpose is to serve me
Cottoncandikisses: You know you want me to dominate you
MissFreeman1: I am not a sugarbabe, I'm here to Dominate!!&excl­;!­ I don't ask, I TELL you what I want! Your sole purpose in life is to serve and worship me! Bow down at your princess ' feet pet pig!
Ladylola: Hello??&quest­;­ Where are all the real slaves
11d ago
KarmalitaJones: Who wants to be abused and cater to my need?
11d ago
KarmalitaJones: Get on your knees and beg to serve me!
11d ago
Missmichellem: Who's up for the challenge? Subs find me and serve your goddess. All you have to do is look at me to know I'm the one you want and NEED
10d ago
Ladylola: Are you ready to get down on your knees and praise the ultimate Goddess? Come and get trained to be my pet slave.
10d ago
Ladylola: You work so hard to make all this money and I take it and spend it just like that, how does that make you feel? Get ready to serve a real Queen / Goddess who shows no mercy.
9d ago
OC_trubble: "Some of you are in love with me. To gift and sacrifice and lavish is the ultimate no-brainer in this case. And you will do it. Others are fascinated – the way that money fascinates me, perhaps. In everything we know about the economy you give me money and I give you something back. In MY economy you give me money and I remain indifferent. Above your money, above the idea that we must now be in some kind of a mutual contract, above the notion that you deserve return on investment. Absurd? Absolutely. Just how deep will you go for me?
8d ago
Wickedwifey: Hey there. New to Collarme. Seeing what it's about. I'm a Domme, into panty sales, humiliation, amongst other Fetish items. Looking for subs who like to pay to obey.
6d ago
Ladylola: I'm waiting losers $$$
5d ago
MissScarlette01: I am a dominant woman who deserves to be worshipped. Tell me about yourself, your life and your fetishes. Submit to me and you will know the true honour of serving Miss Scarlette.
GoddessAkofalet1: I love punishing white slaves, when the roles are reversed I will make you suffer immensely..­.No­ food, balls tied and your accounts rinsed and empty,transfer me your whole monthy check or I squish your balls. If you are not a paying pig/human ATM or slave do not consider contacting me, This is Findomme not playdom!!!
11h ago
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We don't advertise at all, we rely on word of mouth for new member acquisition. Here is how you can...
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